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DataBird is the machine intelligence platform that helps businesses with market research. Join over 34,000 business leaders and C-level executives by getting our latest technology trends, research and interviews. As a technology company, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of industry experts – accurately delivering insights to people around the world. Read the DataBird Research Journal and get in touch with entrepreneurs, investors and industry mentors.

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Maria Kangin
Co-Founder | DataBird Research Journal
"Our focus on women’s empowerment is central to achieving our mission of creating a just and sustainable world."

Business holds significant, untapped potential to contribute to women’s advancement and stands to benefit tremendously by ensuring women are empowered.

Last year, female founders received just 2.2 percent of total global venture capital funding, and
only 17 percent of all startups have at least one female founder, despite the fact that gender diversity on executive teams correlates with greater profitability and value creation.

We’ve built DataBird to identify local industry experts around the world via our machine intelligence platform.

Our focus on women’s empowerment is central to achieving our mission of creating a just and sustainable world.

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